About Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Inc. (GMHC)-New York, New York

GMHC was founded in 1982 as the world’s first response to the disease ravaging gay communities in NYC. Since then, the agency has grown into a robust and nationally-recognized AIDS service organization that serves 12,600 clients annually. The agency participated in the development of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and New York’s Blueprint on Ending the AIDS Epidemic. GMHC has been a leader in engaging communities at highest risk for HIV and providing culturally-sensitive licensed behavioral health services, case management, testing and prevention education, evidence-based/informed interventions, assistance navigating benefits, and a robust array of services that support health and well-being.

Website: Gay Men's Health Crisis

Adapted Model of Care: Project SILK

Intervention Service Area: Clients in Kings County, Queens County, New York County, Bronx County, and Richmond County.

Intervention: Black Men who have Sex with Men (BMSM) continue to be disproportionally impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in NYC. Of the 1,771 new HIV diagnoses in NYC among males in 2016, 71% were among MSM, and BMSM accounted for 60% of the new HIV cases among Black males. GMHC proposes Project Vogue to provide intensive, community-based care coordination services and integrated HIV prevention and behavioral health care for young BMSM (YBMSM) ages 18-29, living in New York City, who are newly diagnosed/new to care, not in care, not virally suppressed, and/or at risk for falling out of care. Project Vogue aims to increase viral load suppression and improve the longevity, quality of life, and other health outcomes for YBMSM, primarily from the House & Ball Community. The intervention will work to mitigate the effects of behavioral health conditions on health outcomes and improve clients’ retention in HIV care and medication adherence. Project Vogue will provide enhanced outreach and screening to BMSM and will foster improved health outcomes by:

  • Leveraging GMHC’s existing safer space at its on-site Clubhouse drop-in center;
  • Hiring a dedicated, interdisciplinary, and culturally competent team to coordinate integrated HIV care, behavioral health, and supportive services for HIV-positive YBMSM who have never entered into care, are at risk of or have fallen out of care, or have unsuppressed viral loads;
  • Providing a space to encourage and support artistic expression that includes hosting and sponsoring House & Ball events and practices;
  • Connecting clients to licensed behavioral health services (co-located within the Clubhouse) and HIV medical treatment in partnership with our medical partners;
  • Providing client-centered case management; and
  • Augmenting the agency’s existing services with a suite of social work-informed support services to address emotional, practical, and clinical factors that impact clients’ ability to engage and maintain treatment.
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