About Parkland Health & Hospital System: Parkland HIV Services Department (PHSD)-Dallas, Texas

PHSD is a department within the Parkland Health & Hospital System, the community health system for Dallas. For over 30 years, PHSD has been the largest provider of HIV healthcare services for uninsured patients in Dallas and bordering counties. As one of the largest public hospitals in the nation, PHSD is able to integrate the care provided at its four HIV clinics, emergency department, inpatient units on the main campus, and Parkland’s 100+ specialist clinics. In addition to outpatient medical care, PHSD provides case management (medical and nonmedical), emergency financial assistance, medical transportation, mental health counseling, and early intervention act

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Adapted Model of Care: A Youth-Focused Behavioral Health Case Management Intervention

Intervention Service Area: The intervention will occur at three geographically distinct locations in the county: the HIV Clinic at Amelia Court, Southeast Dallas Health Center (SDHC has two distinct clinics: Adult HIV Clinic and HIG Women's Specialty Clinic), and Bluitt-Flowers Health Center.

Intervention: The PHSD intervention seek to target those at the highest risk of experiencing poor health outcomes and will focus on recruiting Black Men who have Sex with Men ages 17-34. The intervention will be a nine-month intervention led by a Case Manager and Patient Navigator. The Case Manager and/or Patient Navigator will coordinate weekly contact, either virtually or in-person, for the first six months and one face to face visit per month for the next three months. Through strengths-based case management and ongoing monitoring of service plans, advocacy, and other services.

The goal of the intervention is to improve health outcomes for HIV-positive BMSM between ages 17-34 through increased linkage to care by 27%, increased retention in care by 15%, and increased viral load suppression by 12%. The intervention allows PHSD to leverage existing primary medical care services while incorporating increased case management-initiated contact to help BMSM access and remain in HIV primary medical care to support viral load suppression.

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